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Publication at VLDB 2021

Low-Latency Compilation of SQL Queries to Machine Code


Low-Latency Compilation of SQL Queries to Machine Code


Henning Funke and Jens Teubner


Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment, Volume 14, Issue 12, Pages 2691–2694.


Query compilation has proven to be one of the most efficient query processing techniques. Despite its fast processing speed, the additional compilation times of the technique limit its applicability. This is because the approach is most beneficial only when the improvements in processing time clearly exceed the additional compilation time.

Recently the feasibility of query compilers with very low compilation times has been shown. This may prove query compilation as a merely universal approach. In this article and in the corresponding live demo, we show the capabilities of the ReSQL database system, which uses the intermediate representation Flounder IR to achieve very low compilation times. ReSQL reduces the compilation times from SQL to machine code compared to existing LLVM-based techniques by up to 101.1x for real-world analytic queries


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