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High-Volume Data in Particle Physics


Sub-project C5: Realtime Analysis and Storage for High-Volume Data in Particle Physics of SFB 876 addresses the very large data volumes that arise in scientific applications such as from the LHC particle accelerator at CERN. We want to develop techniques to allow to pre-filter the data voume of approximate 30 gigabytes per second, or 400 PB per year, already close to the data source with maximum performance. We will be using hardware/software co-design methods to establish this pre-filter, and we want to refine and optimize co-design methods based on specific examples.

For the remaining data volume–we expect about 20 PB per year–we want to develop distributed storage mechanisms. They should not only be capable of storing such high volumes. More importantly, we want to equip them with efficient access mechanisms that can help to accelerate the physicists' analyses. To this end, we plan to base our work on database indexing techniques, so measurement data can be placed and distributed in the network according to semantical criteria. The performance of the new methods can be tested by a comparison with standard techniques, based on specific physics analyses.


  • Jens Teubner (faculty)
  • Thomas Lindemann (PhD student)
  • Maximilian Berens (PhD student)

This is a joint project with the Particle Physics Group at TU Dortmund.