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Energy Awareness in Database Algrorithms and Systems


Energy efficiency has become a decisive factor in modern computing systems. For multiple reasons, many of today's systems are effectively limited by their energy consumption:

  • In battery-powered devices high energy consumption will quickly drain batteries.
  • In large data centers energy effectively has to be invested twice: energy consumed by computing machines will be dissipated as heat; removing this heat (through cooling and air conditioning systems) again requires energy.
  • Modern processor designs are, in fact, all energy-limited. Moore's law would, in theory, offer an exponentially growing amount of compute ressources (transistors) to chip designers. However, actually operating all these ressources would lead to excessive heat that could not be dissipated through typical chip packages.


The behavior of algorithms and programs may have important effects on the energy consumption characteristics of a machine. As part of the sub-project A2: Algorithmic Aspects of Learning Methods in Embedded Systems of SFB 876, we investigate how we can improve energy efficiency by making data-intensive algorithms more energy aware.


  • Jens Teubner
  • Henning Funke

This is a joint project with the Efficient Algorithms and Complexity Theory Group at TU Dortmund.