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Course "Databases in practice: data warehousing"

Course Organization


  • Prof. Dr. Jens Teubner


  • Cornelia Tadros


  • Mon, 16:00-18:00, room OH14 / E23


  • Tue, 14:00-16:00, OH14/ E02
  • Tue, 16:00-18:00, OH14/ E02

The tutorial takes place every two weeks.  One tutorial group will start on Oct. 27th, the other on Nov. 3rd. You can register for one of the tutorials via an online form which will be published here on this web page from 19th to 21th Oct. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact the tutor, Mrs. Cornelia Tadros.


Course description

In medium-sized or large enterprises every day's business heavily relies on a databases system which supports the main business transactions such as  procurement, orders, shipment and even human resources and accounting. The data collected during these transactions is also invaluable to guide the decision makers in business by providing them with analysis such as who are the most profitable customers or which products contribute  to the revenue in the largest proportion. Being originally designed to run business transactions smoothly and reliably, the database system however does only poorly meet the need for business analysis.


A data warehouse is set up from the design phase on with a sole focus on the requirements of business analysis. In this course we will learn all phases from design of a data warehouse to its implementation following the Kimball lifecycle a widely accepted method in practice. We will start with planning a data warehouse project and design a so-called star schema, or generally speaking a multi-dimensional model. Also we will learn how to load data into the designed schema through the ETL process. Finally, we will learn how to process analytical queries more efficiently, using common techniques such as materialized views, indexes, hashing, data compression and strategies for the execution plan.


In the tutorial part of the course, we will also gain experience in actually using the methods to set up a data warehouse in Microsoft SQL Server. We will have a look at a fictitious company, Adventure Works Cycle, and see how we find support for each method by Microsoft business intelligence products to present a data warehouse solution for this company.


Course materials


You can find the course slides on the German webpage in section Materialien/Vorlesungsfolien.  The course slides are in English.

Tutorial Exercises

Currently, the tutorial material is only available in German and for download here in section Materialien/Übungsaufgaben. For English material please don't hesitate to contact the tutor.

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Prof. Dr. Jens Teubner
Tel.: 0231 755-6481
Dr. Cornelia Tadros