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Summer Semester 2019

  • Basic Module "Architecture & Implementation of DBMS"
    This module discusses the implementation of database systems. The course will cover classical techniques that databases use to provide performance and scalability, yet can guarantee failure tolerance. We will look into the inner workings of database systems (e.g., buffer manager, free space management); into index structures (single- and multi-dimensional); query processing (e.g., external sorting, join processing); optimisation (e.g., join ordering); concurrency control (e.g., two-phase locking); and failure tolerance (e.g., write-ahead logging, ARIES). In addition, we will also study more advanced concepts such as parallel or distributed databases. This course will be taught in English.
  • Pflichtvorlesung "Informationssysteme"
    Die Veranstaltung bietet einen Einstieg in die Welt der Datenbanksysteme. Wir diskutieren die Aufgaben von Datenbanksystemen, die Modellierung von Daten (z.B. mittels ER-Diagrammen), Anfragesprachen (SQL, Relationale Algebra, Tupel-Relationen-Kalkül), das Verhalten von Datenbanksystemen im Mehrbenutzerbetrieb (ACID-Paradigma), sowie die datenbankgestützte Verarbeitung von XML.
  • Vorlesung "Datenbanken in der Praxis: Data Warehousing"

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