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Henning Funke

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About Me

I studied computer science from 2010 to 2016 at TU Dortmund University with a minor in theoretical medicine. During my bachelor's, I did an exchange semester at NTNU Trondheim, where I studied the use of information systems in public healthcare. I finished my BSc in 2014 with a thesis on accelerating the extraction of medical markers from spectrometry data using GPUs.

During my master's degree, I put a focus on algorithms and data management on modern hardware. I worked as a student assistant in the Databases and Information Systems Group of Jens Teubner, where I gained first research experiences on the robustness of query processing on GPUs. I received my MSc in computer science in 2016 with a thesis on accelerating relational query processing. The thesis shows an approach that uses query compilation on parallel coprocessors to balance the use of compute and bandwidth resources on multiple levels.

My current research interests are ongoing work on query processing on coprocessors and energy-efficienct data management.


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