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Information for Data Science students

Some of our offerings are also relevant to the “Data Science” curricula. Please find information below.

Course “Information Systems” (“Informationssysteme”)

This course is taught every summer semester and in German. This course is mandatory for all “Data Science” Bachelor students (as part of module BD13).

Some Master students may have to pass “Information Systems” as a reading course. To pass the course, the standard mechanism is to sit the regular exam that follows the course in the summer semester. If this is not possible for you (either because you do not speak German and therefore cannot/do not want to sit the German exam; or because you entered the Master program with the beginning of the winter semester and therefore cannot wait until the next summer), we can arrange an oral exam instead (during the pandemic, “oral” means an online exam via WebEx or Zoom). To get an appointment for an oral exam, please contact Alexandra Seewald about 3-4 weeks before the approximate time when you would like to do the exam.

To prepare for the exam, all course material should be accessible via Moodle and/or this website. Beyond lecture slides, in Moodle you also find videos. However, only slides are available in English; videos are German only. There's also a plethora of text books on the topics that we discuss in the course. The first lecture slide deck contains a few suggestions; though we do encourage you to visit the university library and check whether other books better match your expectations.

Course “Datenbanken in der Praxis: Data Warehousing”

This course is offered only in summer semesters. Lecture slides are available via Moodle and/or via this website. There are no videos, however.

“SQL Course”

Statistics students may be able to get credits when they take an “SQL course”. To receive such credits, you'll have to attend those parts of “Information Systems” where we talk about SQL. In addition, you are strongly encouraged to do the SQL-related exercises. The “exam” for the “SQL course” will be an oral exam, which will be arranged bi-laterally between candidates and Jens Teubner.

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