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Energieeffiziente Software (Philipp Krause)


Energieeffiziente Software


Bachelor's Thesis


Philipp Krause


Energy efficiency takes more and more a greater significance in many branches of industry, especially in the field of microprocessors in computer systems in which it is not only a matter of increasing energy costs. Due to the small scale of microprocessors (ca. 4x4cm) and the fact that energy gets lost in the form of heat, heat dissipation plays a vital role.

A good performance is needed, especially in the field of DataBase Management Systems (DBMS), where lots of servers are deployed in order to accomplish all user requests in time. Here in particular, a lot of energy can be saved by more efficiency in the field of software and hardware. This thesis is focused on the software side, or more precisely on hash-join algorithms, which play an important role in many DBMS. In this thesis, two different approaches of hash-join algorithms are analysed concerning their energy consumption.

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