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Less Watts, More Performance: An Intelligent Storage Engine for Data Appliances – SIGMOD 2013 Reviews

Reviews for paper Less Watts, More Performance: An Intelligent Storage Engine for Data Appliances, submitted to SIGMOD 2013 (Demo Track).

Overall rating: accept

Reviewer 1

Overall Rating


Detailed Comments


The authors propose to demonstrate IBEX, and FPGA accelerator that allows a number of more complex operators to be pushed down into the storage engine of a database. The result of this is increased performance for certain queries and reduced power consumption.


I find this to be an interesting demo that should appeal to the conference attendees. The FPGA-accelerator technology is interesting in itself, but I also think that the IBEX plug-in into MySQL, which then allows a direct comparison to for example INNODB, will be interesting to see. The attendees can come up with their own test queries and the effect on the performance and power consumption can be immediately observed and discussed.

Reviewer 2

Overall Rating

Strong Accept

Detailed Comments

I think this is a very interesting project that's poorly covered in academic database work. It would be a real boon to have a demonstration of a working FPGA-driven system and introduce this work into the community.

This paper would be improved with more information about FPGA basics. As the authors say, this is an approach that has been pursued in industry but is not well-known in the research community. As such, I am not aware of even the most basic design points of FPGA engineering. For example, I'm not sure why one can't hard-wire the circuit as described in Sec 3.1. I thought the point of an FPGA is that it allows dynamic reformulation of the circuit design. I'm sure this is a naive perspective that's easy to fix with an enhanced intro to FPGA basics.

But overall, the area is a terrific one to introduce, and the demo description here seems reasonable.

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