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Marcel Preuß defends his PhD thesis "Inference-Proof Materialized Views"

The ever-growing availability of data raises increasing expectations toward privacy and secrecy of the stored information. The PhD thesis of Marcel Preuß "Inference-Proof Materialized Views" tackles the involved challenges. In the thesis, Marcel Preuß discusses techniques to maintain secrecy in a provable manner, while still allowing users to access data.
Marcel Preuß defended his thesis on August 24, 2016. We congratulate him to this success and we are proud to have another graduated member in our team.


The growing availability of various kinds of data raises ever-more questions with regard to the secrecy and privacy of the stored information. In the light of these questions, Marcel Preuß developed techniques to allow users to access to the database system, yet provide only as much information as allowed by the owner's privacy policy. Secrets are kept in a provably correct manner, which is an increasing demand in today's information-centric society.

Marcel Preuß performed his work in the context of the SFB 876 "Providing Information by Resource-Constrained Data Analysis". His supervisor was Prof. Joachim Biskup; the thesis was co-reviewed by Prof. Gabriele Kern-Isberner.

We congratulate Marcel to his successful graduation. We are glad that Marcel decided to stay with our group for a while, and we look forward to further fruitful collaborations with him.