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Basic Course “Architecture & Implementation of DBMS”



  • Prof. Dr. Jens Teubner

Schedule (Lecture)

  • Mondays, 8-10h, online
  • Wednesdays, 10-12h, online

Lecture will be held as live online sessions. Dial-information will be made available via the course's Moodle room.

Schedule (Exercises)

  • Mondays, 10-12h, online
  • Wednesdays, 12-14h, online

The exercise sessions are led by Roland Kühn and will start on April 19. The registration for the exercises is done via Moodle (from April 12 to April 16).


Database systems form the heart of virtually any enterprise application. They manage vast amounts of data, yet allow for fast and efficient search; they handle thousands of updates every second, yet won't trip over problems due to concurrency; and guarantee consistency and data integrity even in the case of catastrophic events (loss of hardware, etc.).

In this course we learn how database systems can provide this service and performance. We will look “under the hoods” and understand how a database is built internally. We will get to see techniques that allow to construct a system in a scalable and robust manner.

More specifically, our agenda includes: space management (buffer manager), index structures (single- and multi-dimensional), query processing (e.g., external sorting, join processing), query optimization, concurrency control (e.g., two-phase locking), failure tolerance (ARIES), distributed database systems.

This course will be taught in English.


Feb 26, 2021

Web page set up.


Lecture Slides

Lecture slides will be made available via Moodle.


Exercise material will be made available via Moodle.



Prof. Dr. Jens Teubner
Tel.: 0231 755-6481
Roland Kühn
Tel.: 0231 755-2748